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Bunnies A-Z


Learn and laugh your way through the alphabet with Bunnies A-Z.  This book is not just for beginners looking to care for their first bunny, it is also for the seasoned bunny person, as well. The seasoned bunny person will understand why A is for Attitude and M is for Messy!  Over 150 full-color pictures included!


To educate proper bunny care and behavior with a side of humor. Bunnies can be jerks, but they can also make you laugh until you can't breathe. Consider opening your heart and home to a bunny today. 

The Life of an Easter Bunny


After being put outside alone by her first family, Pounce must learn to survive the outdoors, grumpy old neighbors, and meeting other  animals before being rescued. The Life of an Easter Bunny is told  from Pounce's point of view and is a must-read for anyone with a bunny in their lives.


Parents often get bunnies for their children for Easter without doing any research.  They are surpised later when they discover that bunnies are not low-maintenance pets. Most of these bunnies are dumped outdoors, dropped off at shelters, or die at a young age.  

This book will hopefully educate children and parents on how to properly care for bunnies through an entertaining story.  

Now available on Amazon

This is our first book.  We would love to hear from you after you've read it.  Enjoy!  


A few of our favorite groups

Triangle Rabbits


I am a volunteer with Triangle Rabbits, a local chapter of House Rabbit Society. We host several workshops on various bunny-related topics throughout the year.  If you are local, please join us for one of our fun/educational events. 

Autumn was one of the infamous Vegas Dumpsite Bunnies and adopted through Triangle Rabbits. 


House Rabbit Society


The House Rabbit Society is a non-profit organization. The organization was started in 1988 and has chapters in 37 states.   

There are many other websites out there with tons of information.  The HRS site happens to be the one that I go to frequently.   

They have some extremely helpful and educational videos on their site featuring HRS VP Mary Cotter and actress Amy Sedaris. I'm obsessed with these great videos now. Go to www.rabbit.org and in the search field type Howcast for a list of videos!

Ohio House Rabbit Rescue


We had the pleasure of going to our first Midwest BunFest in September of 2016.  It was amazing and weI can't wait to go back.  The Ohio House Rabbit Rescue group hosts the event in Columbus, Ohio.  They do an amazing job. We even got to take a tour of the rescue's facility the day after. The facility was wonderful. All of the volunteers were extremely nice and obviously cared for the bunnies in their program. Visit them on their website at www.OhioHouseRabbitRescue.org and on Facebook.


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