Bunnies Need Projects

Bunnies get bored and when bunnies get bored, they get into things they shouldn't get into. A friend once told me, "bunnies are project oriented."   Bunnies need projects to keep them busy.  If you don't provide your bunny with a good human-approved project, your bunny will find its own project, which could be the carpet in the corner of your room.   Some bunnies enjoy playing with toys, some like digging in boxes, and some like to chew things.



Toys do not have to be expensive. They can be as cheap as an empty toilet paper tube stuffed with hay, a cardboard box, jingly cat toys, or stacking cups.   Suzie doesn't play, but she does love to toss her empty food bowl around after she finishes her pellets. She likes to throw the bowl down the ramp of her cottage.   Gypsy, pictured to the right, loves throwing around her toys. She obviously wears herself out because she does a good flop afterwards!  Photo courtesty of Deb Jacobs



No bunny home would be complete without a minimum of three tunnels.  Bunnies loves tunnels. The crinkly cat tunnels are good, but if your bunny is  a chewer, then you may want to stick to the cardboard type tunnel. Suzie has not met a tunnel she doesn't like.  You can always connect boxes together to make your own tunnel.